Favorite Frames: Halloween 2017

Trick or treating may be my most anticipated holiday activity of the year.  No, really!  I grew up wearing homemade costumes and vow to do my best to carry on the tradition with my own kiddos.  Speaking of, it's crazy what a difference a year makes.  We ditched the wagon this year and we aren't looking back.  Watching these two walk up to houses together, continually mixing up their "trick or treat's" with their "thank you's," and carrying pumpkins instead of pillowcases, did remind me how little they still are though.

Favorite Frames: A Lot of Pumpkins at Santa's Farm

You guys, it's been half a year, almost six whole months since I blogged anything.  Where has the time gone?!  Seriously though!? I've got a handful of sessions to catch up on, but figured I might as well jump right in with this weekend's pumpkin patch festivities, because... fall y'all.

We finally found a legit pumpkin patch in Florida, with hay rides, mazes, a bounce pillow, barrel tractor rides and more.  And the weather was relatively mild, only in the mid-eighties for the day with a nice little breeze, so it even kinda felt like October!  

Here are some favorites from the day!

The Most Magical Evening at the Magic Kingdom | Disney Family Photographer

You guys, this session, I don't even know where to begin!  I mean, how adorable is this little family?! When Megan first told me she wanted to start at their favorite resort because it is such a meaningful part of their family vacations, I knew we were speaking the same language.  And when she followed that up with a request for an evening session, I was all heart eyes for days over here.  Because there's nothing better than a little golden hour light to add a kiss of magic to your memories. 

After spending a little bit of time at the Grand Floridian, we hopped on a monorail to the Magic Kingdom and leisurely strolled down Main Street, USA.  I'm still amazed at how much we accomplished without feeling like we were rushing at all.  We filled our time together with wishes on fountains, monorail rides, Confectionery sweets, Mickey balloons, teacups, flying elephants, an epic dance party at Cinderella Castle, and more.  And to top it off, we lucked out with the most beautiful breezy, light-filled evening.

Megan, I hope you adore this magical little glimpse of your family, from the outside looking in.

The Ecklond Family Does Disney | Magic Kingdom Family Photographer

This family! You guys, I know I keep saying it, but I seriously have the best time with all of my families.  It's so exciting to be invited along to experience and capture so much magic.  And when Kristen told me she wanted to start her day on Main Street with a stop in the Chapeau for ears and ice cream from the Plaza for breakfast I knew it was going to be a great day.  How could it not?!  

We met about thirty minutes before the Magic Kingdom opened and I cannot recommend this enough for anyone considering a morning session.  It allowed us to take a little time to enjoy Main Street before darting off to an attraction.  And anytime we can get an elusive it-looks-like-the-park-is-empty shot it makes my heart sing!

Kristen, thank you so much for allowing me to come along for the ride - it was nice being part of the family for the day.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do and can see that twinkle of magic in your kids' eyes every time you look at them.  I know I do.

Magic Kingdom with the Raider Family | Magic Kingdom Family Photographer

Can I tell you something I love?! Families who just "get" the magic.  You know, the ones who have pixie dust running through their veins, the ones whose favorite attractions are the quintessential It's a Small World and the lesser known Carousel of Progress, the ones who choose to celebrate any and every milestone they can within the bubble because they know the magic is real.  

So, while we're on the subject, allow me to introduce you to Amanda and Roy, and their daughter, sweet little Marceline.  It was Marcy's first ever visit to Walt Disney World, the week before her first birthday, and Roy and Amanda's wedding trip... so. much. to. celebrate! And I'm so thankful they invited me along to be a small part of it.  Congratulations, Raider family!

Keeping up with Jake Jones | Magic Kingdom Family Photographer

Allow me to present to you, Jake Jones, fearless Dumbo wrangler, Mickey Premium Bar devourer, and the center of this particular universe.  Keeping up with him was like spending a day as part of the family.  A family filled with love, magic, and the occasional selfie!

Kenzie and I met via the, ahem, interwebs, many years ago and forged a friendship that has only gotten stronger over time.  I'm incredibly grateful to her for her friendship, support and love.  So being given the opportunity to capture her little man's first trip to the Magic Kingdom was extra special to me.  And I'm looking forward to many more adventures with the Joneses in the coming years.  They can't shake me now!

Kenzie, I adore you and your family and can't wait for your return!

First Birthday at the Magic Kingdom | Disney Family Photographer

There is truly nothing more magical to me than witnessing and capturing the love that exists within a family.  And I was lucky enough to do just that with little Jonah and all the ones who love him.  He's one lucky little boy, and not just because he got to celebrate his first birthday with castle views, a Mickey balloon, spinning teacups, and Mickey ice cream.  My favorite moment of the day though was when everyone lined up in anticipation to capture his first ever attraction... and he slept right through it.  Perfection!  Thank you again for having me, Josselyn and Erik... I had a blast!

Also, can we talk about those Buzz and Woody moccasins for a second?!  In love.  

Favorite Frames: The Stretching Room | Haunted Mansion, Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

"Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination, hmm? And consider this dismaying observation... this chamber has no windows and no doors, which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out!" - The Ghost Host

Favorite Frames: The Queue for Dumbo the Flying Elephant | Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Yesterday I posted a quick photo to Instagram of Penelope in line to ride Dumbo, and it hit me that I absolutely love this queue.  I'm forever feeling energized and inspired to shoot when I'm in it.  So, I decided to pull together some of my favorites from the Dumbo queue for today's post.