Hollywood Studios with the Raider Family - Disney Documentary Photographer

You guys, not only did I get to hang out with the adorable Raider family again, but for the first time ever, I got to do a session in a park that is not called the Magic Kingdom. I love the Magic Kingdom, don't get me wrong, it's classic and timeless and full of so much fantasy, but having the opportunity to shoot a session in another park was exciting.  I was really inspired by different surroundings and the light and, well, the adorable Marceline.  Honestly, there is no happier babe than this little girl.  All smiles, all the time!

Magic Kingdom with the Wittmer Family - Disney Documentary Photographer

The very next day, after flying home from Disneyland, I met up with one of my favorite families for some fun at the Magic Kingdom.  It was crazy to see how much the boys have grown in a year.  Last year we hit up the carousel and Barnstormer, but this year we didn't even set foot in Fantasyland.  Instead, it was the Tomorrowland Speedway and Big Thunder Mountain at the top of our must-do list!  

I have a lot of favorites, but the one I keep going back to is the very last image in the set, with everyone walking back to the Contemporary after an exhausting but magical morning.  Every year they stay here and every year they make this trek home from the Magic Kingdom multiple times.  And my hope is that years from now when they look at this image, they will be immediately transported to this series of moments.  To the many times they walked this path and to the memories of a morning well spent together.

Favorite Frames: Our Disneyland Vacation - Day Four

And so it is, we've come to our last day of vacation.  But it may have been the best, filled with lots of favorites.  A quick trip over the Disneyland for Space Mountain and the Matterhorn, Lucas' favorites.  And then over at California Adventure, we broke the Guardians out again, met some of our favorite Asgardians, nommed on the lobster nachos at Cove Bar, and rode Mater's Junkyard Jamboree enough times to dance to every track.  

Everyone got to pick their favorite thing to do one last time and we ended up spending a crazy amount of time at Redwood Creek, wishing we'd gone there earlier in the week.  

It was the perfect little vacation and it's already hard to believe it was six months ago.  Guess it's time to plan another trip!

Favorite Frames: Our Disneyland Vacation - Day Three

Day three started with a quick trip to California Adventure, or more specifically, to Mission Breakout, during the extra magic hour.  And then from there, we hopped right over to Disneyland for opening and a sprint to Nemo's Submarine Voyage and a tour of the Fantasyland greats.  Big Thunder Mountain, lunch at Cafe Orleans, Haunted Mansion Holiday on repeat, dole whips, the Enchanted Tiki Room and more.  

Also, that double stroller, it's like it was covered in pixie dust or something.  Every time I look at these images, I think it's the double stroller ones that are going to make me smile the most in years to come.

Favorite Frames: Our Disneyland Vacation - Day 2

Our second day at Disneyland started out a lot like our first... rising too early, rushing out of the resort to catch Brett just before he crossed the finish line of the Avengers Half with a sweet new personal best.  Some Starbucks and breakfast, and a trip down our elevator and into California Adventure.  

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout did not disappoint and Lucas' squeals of surprise and delight when he saw the abilisk appear in one of the scenes will forever be imprinted in my mind.  As will the way he ran at full speed to tell Brett how much he loved it!  We rode it repeatedly, swapping turns with Penelope and Mike and Sully to the Rescue, which she probably rode ten times before the trip was over.

Our day also included your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, family favorite Mater's Junkyard Jamboree over and over again, Radiator Springs (another first for Lucas!), Luigi's adorable Rollickin' Roadsters, some Cozy Cone treats, cars from Sarge's, and basically all the goodness that makes me love California Adventure.  

Favorite Frames: Our Disneyland Vacation - Day 1

Our first day at Disneyland started EARLY.  After a long day of east to west travel the day before, the kiddos were up at 4:00am, snuggled together, eating leftover travel snacks for breakfast, and watching Disney Jr.  

Brett crushed his 10K, we grabbed some coffee and then it was Lucas' turn to race.  Following that we headed straight to Disneyland and somehow managed to stick it out until dinnertime!  So many great moments, Alice in Wonderland and Haunted Mansion Holiday were highly anticipated favorites for both kids, and Lucas not only conquered Space Mountain, but absolutely loved it!

When it comes down to it though, the takeaway is it was a day filled with a special kind of magic that only happens when you're on vacation with your people.  And lucky for us, we had a few more of these days left to come our way.

Favorite Frames: An Animal Kingdom Evening

Different kingdom, different set of grandparents, yet it was the same kind of love. We have some lucky little kiddos. It was a breezy fall evening filled with one of my favorite Disney experiences ever, the Wilderness Explorers, my favorite show on property, the Festival of the Lion King, a Starbucks stop and a character or two.  I mean, what more can one really even want?!

Favorite Frames: Magic Kingdom with my parents

We very rarely get the opportunity to enjoy the Magic Kingdom with my parents.  But lucky for us, we had an epic park morning doing just that when they came to visit us last October.  Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Adventureland and some monorail love to round it out.

Magic Kingdom with the Standish Family

Last fall I had the pleasure of photographing the ridiculously talented Jessica Standish and her family shortly before they added another adorable human to the fold.  We met up at their favorite home away from home, the Grand Floridian, and took a monorail to everyone's favorite place, the Magic Kingdom.  We snacked our way around Fantasyland and Adventureland before making our way to Main Street to soak up fall in all it's glory.  Also worth noting, Marshall is the best big brother ever.  I couldn't stop marveling over him during our session, and more than once I thought to myself, "I hope Lucas grows up to be like this kid!"  Seriously, he was that amazing.

Favorite Frames: Adventureland with Friends

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the Magic Kingdom is to pick a land and soak it up in it's entirety.  We met up with our friends after school one day and adventured for as long as we could, in the sauna that is a September day in Florida, before heading home for dinner and baths.  And I managed to capture a small bit of it.