Favorite Frames: Adventureland with Friends

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the Magic Kingdom is to pick a land and soak it up in it's entirety.  We met up with our friends after school one day and adventured for as long as we could, in the sauna that is a September day in Florida, before heading home for dinner and baths.  And I managed to capture a small bit of it.

Favorite Frames: Magical Morning with My Girl

We moved to Florida shortly before Lucas turned two years old.  And for that entire first year we were here, he and I spent multiple days a week playing in the parks.  I soaked up and stored away so many fantastic moments with him during that time.  Penelope was born the following year, and life got busier and harder as we settled in with two, and weekday park trips became fewer and farther between.  Somehow two more years passed and now here I am enjoying the parks with a different two year old, while her big brother is at school during the day.  And when I feel a bit of guilt creeping in for enjoying this solo time with her, I'm reminded of its importance and all the moments I shared with him come flooding back.

Favorite Frames: After School at the Kingdom

One afternoon last fall, shortly after the school year started, I made an impromptu decision to drive us to the Magic Kingdom after picking Lucas up from school.  And it was a perfect afternoon, with a quick stroll down Main Street, a spin on the teacups and some Enchanted Tales with Belle before heading home for dinner.

Zoey's First Birthday at the Magic Kingdom - Disney Family Photographer

A couple days after Hurricane Irma passed through town, I had the pleasure of celebrating this little lady's birthday at the Magic Kingdom.  It was a beautiful sunny morning with all eyes on Zoey.  We took a tour of Fantasyland classics, including It's a Small World, Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  But my personal favorite moments were the ones Zoey slept through: coffee and balloons.  Nothing else could really sum up a first birthday at the Magic Kingdom more accurately!

Favorite Frames: Hurricane Irma and an Empty EPCOT

You may recall a lady, by the name of Irma, passing through town last September.  We were as prepped and ready for her as we could be going into the weekend, so we decided the next best course of action would be to spend our morning at EPCOT the day before she was scheduled to arrive. I'm rather certain it was the best decision ever. 

It's hard for me to describe what that morning felt like, other than to say it felt like some of my earliest trips to Walt Disney World, or at least how I remember them to be.  It was magical.  The weather was perfect, the crowds and wait times non-existent, and World Showcase felt like a wonderland.  We walked freely, let the kids roam and explore the countries, and interacted with so many amazing cast members.

To give you an indication of how few people were in the park that day, we walked into Norway around 9:30am and rode Frozen Ever After four times in a row, back to back to back to back, without leaving the building.  Looking back now, I only wish I'd put more emphasis on capturing our day in its entirety.

The Garrett Family - Magic Kingdom Photography Session

Last spring I was on top of things, blogging sessions alongside delivering them to clients.  And then it all got away from me.  Summer happened and routines changed and, well, you know... LIFE.  Life happened.  And the more life happened, the more my habits changed and the harder it was to come back to this space.

And now, here I am, with something like fifteen sessions sitting in the archives.  Sure, I post images on my Instagram account here and there, and while I love sharing on IG, I always struggle to pick ONE image from a session to share at a time. My passion lies in telling stories, and a set of images is usually much better at getting to the heart of a family's story than relying on just one.  

So, here's to dusting off the cobwebs and opening up this space for more stories.  Those of my clients, and those of my own family.  Finding my vulnerability and sharing my favorites.  What do you say? Shall we get started?!

First up is the sweetest little trio and a morning complete with breakfast fit for a beast, er, prince, teacups, jungle cruising, train rides, and Mickey premium bars on Main Street.  And let's not forget about the baby curls.  Because little boys' curls so quickly turn into big boy haircuts, and they change and they grow so fast, and all we can really do is capture the moments before they turn into memories.

Favorite Frames: Halloween 2017

Trick or treating may be my most anticipated holiday activity of the year.  No, really!  I grew up wearing homemade costumes and vow to do my best to carry on the tradition with my own kiddos.  Speaking of, it's crazy what a difference a year makes.  We ditched the wagon this year and we aren't looking back.  Watching these two walk up to houses together, continually mixing up their "trick or treat's" with their "thank you's," and carrying pumpkins instead of pillowcases, did remind me how little they still are though.

Favorite Frames: A Lot of Pumpkins at Santa's Farm

You guys, it's been half a year, almost six whole months since I blogged anything.  Where has the time gone?!  Seriously though!? I've got a handful of sessions to catch up on, but figured I might as well jump right in with this weekend's pumpkin patch festivities, because... fall y'all.

We finally found a legit pumpkin patch in Florida, with hay rides, mazes, a bounce pillow, barrel tractor rides and more.  And the weather was relatively mild, only in the mid-eighties for the day with a nice little breeze, so it even kinda felt like October!  

Here are some favorites from the day!

The Most Magical Evening at the Magic Kingdom | Disney Family Photographer

You guys, this session, I don't even know where to begin!  I mean, how adorable is this little family?! When Megan first told me she wanted to start at their favorite resort because it is such a meaningful part of their family vacations, I knew we were speaking the same language.  And when she followed that up with a request for an evening session, I was all heart eyes for days over here.  Because there's nothing better than a little golden hour light to add a kiss of magic to your memories. 

After spending a little bit of time at the Grand Floridian, we hopped on a monorail to the Magic Kingdom and leisurely strolled down Main Street, USA.  I'm still amazed at how much we accomplished without feeling like we were rushing at all.  We filled our time together with wishes on fountains, monorail rides, Confectionery sweets, Mickey balloons, teacups, flying elephants, an epic dance party at Cinderella Castle, and more.  And to top it off, we lucked out with the most beautiful breezy, light-filled evening.

Megan, I hope you adore this magical little glimpse of your family, from the outside looking in.