Our Move-iversary | Disney Character Photos

Who doesn't love a good photo tradition?!  

In 2014, on the very weekend we moved to Florida from South Carolina, we met Chip and Dale outside the Character Spot at Epcot and took the first photo below.  Lucas was so tiny.  And so unsure of those chipmunks.  Then last year, we made sure to do it again.  I think I was 34 weeks pregnant or thereabouts. And Lucas was the chipmunks' biggest fan, and has remained so really since shortly after the first photo was taken.  

So, of course, this year it was a must that we find those chipmunks once again.  They haven't been meeting at Epcot lately, but no worries, we were able to track them down at Hollywood Studios one afternoon.  And would you just look at that tiny little human who joined the party this year?!

You can bet I'll be dragging my family out to find Chip and Dale every year around our move-iversary.  I love seeing how much Lucas has grown over the course of these three pictures and our family, as well.  How crazy is it that next year when we take this photo, Penelope will be the same age Lucas was in the first one?!  

Some things will never change though, my love of stripes and Brett's love of brightly colored shorts being two of them, but more importantly, that capturing the moment means more than the technical aspects of the photo itself.  One of these was taken with an iPhone, our limbs are chopped off in a couple of them, and you can't always account for composition/focus when handing your camera off to someone else, but that's okay.  Because we're all in the frame and we're documenting this beautiful life we get to live together.