I'm Holly.  And I believe in magic.  I believe it lives within us and lights the world on fire when we are with the ones we love.  A spark, a connection, a feeling, it's in the moments we share and the memories we make.  And I want nothing more than to capture it, to bottle it up... a hundredth of a second here, a thousandth of a second there.  Because time is fleeting, and before we know it those moments are gone and all we're left with are the memories.

The images that speak to me, that leave my heart skipping a beat, are the ones that tell a story.  Whether you're on a brand new adventure or simply enjoying your favorite place with your favorite people, life is being lived and the story is being written.  Sometimes it's beautiful and oftentimes it's chaotic.  But it's always real and there's always magic.  Those are the moments I want to capture for you, the kind you'll want to pull down off the shelf for years to come, to relive time and time again.  Life is short and we all have a story to tell.  Documenting ours is my passion and documenting yours is my dream.