Sessions and Rates

My goal with each and every session is to tell your story as you live it, to create a gallery of images filled with all the love, light, and magic you experience when you are with the ones you love.  With all of my sessions, regardless of where we are, I strive to capture authentic and engaging moments filled with magic.  And because I believe the little moments are just as important as the big ones, my photography sessions are all-inclusive.  So your session fee is your only fee and it includes all the high resolution digital files to post and print as you see fit.

On Vacation Session |  $1000

What's included? A three hour documentary style session at your Central Florida vacation destination of choice and all of the edited high resolution digital files provided to you within three weeks of your session.

What can you expect?  I'm not interested in taking up precious vacation time for portraits, but rather in documenting your day as it plays out. Planning on conquering all the mountains? Let's do it!  Want to spend the morning meeting characters? I'm in!  Leisurely stroll around the world on your agenda? Sounds perfect!  Basically, I want to capture you and yours doing whatever it is that you and yours like to do.  This is your vacation and the only thing I ask of you is that you have fun and enjoy it.  Leave me to document your story... you can even forget I'm there, if you'd like.  

If you’d like to extend an on vacation session, please let me know and we can talk about options.

At Home Session | $800

What's included? A two hour documentary style session in your home and all high resolution digital files provided to you within three weeks of your session.

What can you expect?  A no stress session filled with all the things you love to do with your family when you're spending time together at home.  Want to make breakfast with the kiddos in their pajamas?  I like it!  Family pillow fight when you're attempting to make beds in the morning?  Yes, please!  A family Jenga competition? Let's do it!  Basically, I want to capture your everyday, your here and now.  Because when you look back, those are the days you'll remember most, the ones you'll miss, and the ones you'll want to travel back in time to revisit. 

Have something else in mind, or interested in a full day of coverage?  Please contact me, I'd love to discuss the details with you!